Is my deposit protected?

If you have or had an assured shorthold tenancy that commenced after 6th April 2007 your landlord is/was legally responsible for protecting your deposit.

A landlord or landlord’s agent is required to place your deposit in a Government approved statutory tenancy deposit scheme within 30 days of receiving it. This is so that deposits are safeguarded throughout the period of the tenancy and the funds repaid to the appropriate parties at the end of the tenancy period.

A landlord must notify tenants of the details of the protected scheme the deposit is held in within 30 days of receiving your deposit. If a landlord does not protect a deposit, then they are in breach of their legal responsibilities under The Housing Act 2004 (as amended by The Localism Act 2011).

The legal remedy for non resolved disputes is a County Court claim for full deposit return, as well as mandatory penalties that must be awarded of up to three times the full amount of your deposit, plus any accrued interest and court costs.

Non protection of deposits and fair treatment of tenants is taken very seriously by the courts and is the principal factor considered in any dispute of this nature. Deposit Claims UK are here to ensure you get the best possible settlement if your deposit was unprotected.

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