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If your landlord has failed to register your deposit with a government authorised deposit scheme within a 30 day period of received it, or they have failed to let you know where your deposit has been registered, you could qualify for compensation. At Deposit Claims UK we can help you to win your claim in order to get your deposit back in full, and we will also help ensure you receive the appropriate compensation. This can be as much as three times the value of the deposit you paid when you moved in. You are still entitled to deposit claim compensation even if you no longer live at the address.

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At Deposit Claims UK, we help tenants recover their deposits and get their compensation quickly and with as little stress as possible. Our lawyers have a huge amount of expertise landlord and tenant law and can provide expert assistance throughout the claims process. Many tenants find themselves with deposit problems, either because it wasn’t protected, it was protected late, their landlord hasn’t told them where it is registered, or they simply refuse to return it. If you are faced with any of these issues, Deposit claims UK can help you to make a successful claim for the return of the deposit and compensation against your landlord.

Our “No Win, No Fee” tenancy deposit claim service means our skilled legal team will secure the best possible outcome for you, with our fee payable only if we are successful in securing the return of your tenancy deposit or an additional award over and above that. You pay us nothing at all to pay if we do not win your case.

Start your unprotected deposit claim today and you could receive your settlement within just weeks of contacting us. There is nothing to lose by finding out if you have a claim. In fact, there’s everything to gain, so why not get in touch to find out more? Remember, you can make a claim for tenancy deposit compensation up to six years after you moved out of a property. The sooner you contact deposit Claims UK, the sooner we can help you recover your deposit and your compensation.

You may be entitled to £1000’s in compensation!

With our No Win No Fee scheme you pay us only if we win your case.

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