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Deposit Claims UK are leading tenancy deposit compensation specialists in the UK. We specialise in recovering unprotected deposits and securing the maximum financial reimbursement for our clients. Fully qualified lawyers handle every court case, and we have an excellent success rate in recovering deposits and statutory compensation on behalf of tenants throughout the county. With Deposit Claims UK, you can make an unprotected deposit claim quickly, easily, hassle free and with no “Upfront Fees”.

At Deposit Claims UK, we are dedicated to ensuring that when landlords fail to comply with their legal deposit obligations, they are dealt with appropriately, and pay the compensation you deserve. Many landlords settle the case as soon as they know Deposit Claims UK are representing the tenants.

Tenancy Deposit Claims Professionals

We deal with landlord deposit claims from start to finish. We’ll represent you through every step of the process, and will do our utmost best to ensure that you get the highest possible settlement. In our experience, many landlords’ lawyers are aggressive in their approach to defending their clients. That’s why it’s so important to have our tenancy deposit claims professionals fighting in your corner. If you’re ready to file a deposit compensation claim, our tenancy deposit claims professionals can assist.

You may be entitled to £1000’s in compensation!

With our No Win No Fee scheme you only pay us when we win your case

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